The Billionaire’s Tea Party


This documentary, available on Netflix, explores the Tea Party movement, specifically the underlying motivations connected to its roots. The film’s director integrates commentary from propaganda experts and political insiders with his footage from attending meetings of prominent Tea Party organizations such as Americans For Prosperity and Freedomworks to argue that the Tea Party movement is nothing more than a means to promote free market capitalism — especially to the benefit of billionaires Charles and Dave Koch. Hence, the Tea Party movement, as highlighted by its financial reliance on the Koch brothers, has been a political ally to unclean-energy companies. The director supports this conclusion with the fact that since the Tea Party’s inception, the estimated net worth of the Koch brothers has increased by 4 BILLION dollars.

Overall, this documentary offers a unique (and relatively unbiased considering the director is from Australia) perspective into a movement that has gained unprecedented political clout over the last few years.

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