Of course inequality has huge implications!

The Koch brothers try to purchase control of classroom content.  Of course they do, and if I had the resources to imitate or vanquish their efforts, I would do the same. Wouldn’t you?

The problem is the degree of inequality, not the tendency of people with uncountable wealth to try to preserve their status.

In fact, I am flummoxed by how infrequently large wealth holders use their financial resources to “teach” the correct political views. Occasionally someone like Sheldon Adelson will emerge from his penthouse suite/floor to bankroll an entire campaign of a preferred primary candidate, but can you explain why his confreres in the lap of luxury are more shy about throwing their money into the persuasion effort?

What amazes me about this account in The Guardian is our naivete in thinking that the Florida State story is news. When I visit other campuses, I often see buildings that bear the name of the Koch Brothers. For decades people in the Koch brothers’ tribe have funded vacation/study visits by sitting judges to Florida to learn about the wisdom of using efficiency as the primary value in their judicial decisions.  And we can all be sure that the definition of “efficiency” that is touted was one that assumed the legitimacy of existing wealth distribution patterns.

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