Sexual Assault and the Binary of “Yes” and “No”



Why would we ever imagine that a “yes” or a “no” is clear cut?  What happened to “maybe” or “it depends”?   Why would we expect communications related to sex to be any less murky, contingent, and temporary than our communicative responses to other questions?

I urge you to consider the intellectual sloppiness of mantras like “No Means No” when you read Robin Williams “When Does Unwanted Sex become Rape?” in the January 23, 2015  Chronicle of Higher Education.

For example, should “rapey situations” be censured as one commentator suggests? I value that question because it correctly moves us into the complicated terrain where the use of binaries simplifies a complicated scenario.

The strength of the article, i believe, is in its highlighting  the ambivalence we feel when faced with almost any important decision.

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