Religious Affiliation and Political Values




Christians study the same holy texts, but honor very different assumptions about the desirability of compassion and personal accountability. Having been reared in the Southern Baptist tradition, I am all too aware of the dual sense of certitude and rectitude with which they view the world.  They are self-confident and aggressive in their doctrinal beliefs. 

Take a look at this map of Christian religious domination by county. You might reasonably think that the people in those red states have a logical link to the economic policy proposals of Democrats.  They do.  But the predictive power of Southern Baptist identity for guaranteed support of right-wing candidates is strong. Southern Baptists see pluralism as lack of principle, difference/diversity as a threat to the comfort of their certitude, and impending disasters as their deity’s master plan. Add to those attributes a formidable reluctance to ever change their mind, and you have a pretty clear picture of how this substantial group of people will work to shape the nation’s future for many decades into the future. 

And to complicate the picture, you probably could not find a more welcoming and genuinely friendly group of people AS LONG AS YOU SHARE THEIR ASSUMPTIONS.

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