Genocide and the Absence of a World Police Force

There are few limits to human barbarity. The new film Architects of Denial

documents the ongoing, century-long Armenian genocide in excruciating detail.

The thrust of the film is the argument that perpetrators of genocide immediately

holler “fake news” when their savagery is exposed.  The ugliness accelerates as

even those people whom we would ordinarily see as missionaries of empathy

respond to genocide with deafening  silence. For instance, those who see the film

are treated to Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s embarrassing  embrace of

Turkish denial of Armenian gemocide—all in the interest of maintaining our

military linkages with Turkey.


I find the film’s understandable cry “We must stop genocide.” to be pathetic.

Transformations of, even tweaks to, human nature or proclivities  (if you prefer)

are the most remote of possibilities. And if I am correct, the film leaves me with

the following questions:

  1. Particulalry in an isolationist era, what is the global force that can intervene

in genocides?

2. Is national sovereignty such an enduring force in international diplomacy

that hope that the United Nations could ever be the world’s police force is nothing

but a pipe dream?

3. In the absense of a deity who tells us all what reality is or scientific

measurements that all reasonable people can attest to, what is the future  of an

idea like “the facts” when modern technology makes it so simple to create

widespread denial of anything and everything?

4. Are marginalized groups with fewer than 10 million members condemned

to being invisible pawns in a world where national security and international

diplomacy can be used so effortlessly as curtains behind which we can hide

obscene levels of human butchery?


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