The Decision Book:Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking

This Swiss book provides fertilizer for those who seek creative behavior or decisions, but do not have a storehouse of analytical engines to organize and propel their work.

During my career, I have heard numerous professors and students express frustration because they could not generate a starting point for creating a paper.  Then all of us know that the pathway to a decision is helped only moderately by someone’s telling us to consider all the options and then study the costs and benefits of each.  In both instances, this book would be immensely helpful, not because it presents models in full bloom, but because it provides a capsule description of a vast array of lexicons and frames through which to think more productively when in either of these situations.

One special merit of this book is its recognition of the power of the visual.  A picture of each model accompanies its description. And then for those of us artistically challenged, hints are provided for how to organize and portray the elements of a model for creative work or important decisions that you find effective.

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