Black Swan Events

This website, as it purports, allows visitors to “explore history from a whole new perspective.”  Named after Nassim Taleb’s black swan theory, attempts to show connections between historical events and socioeconomic events, allowing visitors to discover correlations between the two.

For example, I can select the event category of “Work” and subsequently select the category of “Unemployment.” This category allows me to select the “Males 15+, unemployment rates” option and I can then choose to display data for the United States.  I am then shown a graph of the unemployment rates of all males over the age of 15 in the United States for the last 40 years.  On this graph, certain historical events are marked (heat waves, hurricanes, significant political actions, etc.) leaving me, the user, to discover correlations between the rates of unemployment and the significant events.

Black Swan is still in a “beta” version and I haven’t fully explored all of the website’s possibilities, but I think this program, if utilized properly, can serve as a a metaphorical chainsaw for the ice in anyone’s head.  I have included the website’s link below.

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