The Stench of Human Cruelty

Yesterday I sent a post containing a link to a series of images of “manual scavenging” and other visuals of the horrors of the caste system. One shows a young woman prostrate in the road. An upper caste male had required her to have sex with him; she refused; he crushed  her head by running over it with his tractor. Tens of thousands of Indians scrape the feces from dry toilets and shovel feces from open lakes of excrement as their only means of survival. One especially graphic image was of 3 workers who had formed a partnership. Two held the ankles of a third who is dropped into the dry toilet to scrape and collect the feces so others can use it.  All you could see of the 3rd person were feet and ankles as he occupied his work space.

Lara, a subscriber, tells me that she could not open the link to the images without being asked by Quora to subscribe as a prerequisite to viewing the images. Thanks Lara.  PLEASE ALWAYS TELL ME WHEN YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH ANY LINK. I WILL FIND AN ALTERNATIVE.  Google Images offers this alternative panoply of imagery.

Here is a useful National Geographic article discussing the caste system.

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