Ambivalence toward Converts

David Brock was at one time a major player in the well-financed full-time  effort to destroy the Clinton Presidency. Then something very strange happened—that happening is the stimulus for this suggestion that you look at Brock’s recent essay about the Koch Brothers.

I said “strange” because we fight assiduously to stick with whatever perspective we happen to possess. But Brock is one of those frightening/wonderful people who allowed evidence to move him, rather than to force the evidence into the same straight jacket he was currently wearing,

Changing our mind takes great courage. Brock had that courage. But converts (I am not implying that this characterization fits Brock.) have a tendency we should anticipate. They tend to see their new perspective as much more wonderful than it is. (See Elizabeth Loftus’ research demonstrating how convinced witnesses are once they have been convinced that their initial testimony was incorrect.)

All part of our dichotomizing tendencies, don’t you think?

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