An Especially Useful Method for Making Ethical Decisions

Most decisions have ethical implications.  In short, what we decide has effects on others who are not directly engaged in the decisions. Extending empathy to these shareholders is the sine qua non of trying to live ethically,

One book stands out in my eyes as a guide to practical ethics. I know that statement covers an enormous range of intellectual content claiming to assist our ethical torment. The first 2 chapters of Peter Levine, Living Without Philosophy: On Narrative, Rhetoric, and Morality provide a clear description of pragmatic ethics that is unusually fair, practical, and erudite.  The remainder of the book provides illustrations of how to use his proposed method, focusing on Protagoras, Erasmus, Nietzsche, and Martin Luther King.

Especially impressive is Levine’s constant effort to put the arguments of his opponents—-Socrates, Kant, Mill, and Rawls—on full display with their strengths duly noted.

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