So You Think You Understand the Intricacies of Sex Trafficking?

I would have cautiously answered that question, but I would have been willing to say that I had read and thought about it, and am not bereft of strong opinions about it.

And then I saw Erin Kamler’s musical Land of Smiles and felt embarrassed in a specific and a general sense.  Specifically, the play opened me to a wide variety of interest groups and the intermix of egoistic and empathetic motives that make this issue a moral morass, rather than the simple morality play that it appears to be on the surface.

But generally, it made me wonder just how many of my other opinions are as ill-informed.

Seeing this play was thus extremely personally rewarding, and I think it would be for you as well.  Erin has generously shared the latest version of the script with me, and I will pass it along to you if you send me an e-mail request:

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