IQ as a Predictor of Arrogance

The complexity of competence and kindness confuses any effort to delimit who should vote in a thoughtful and empathetic community. This website and the results of the survey it reports, for example, tells me that I would not want to live in a community governed by those with elevated IQ as their primary defining characteristic.

I would guess that such people are self-aware and have been told often enough that they are special. Consequently, they understandably  have libertarian views most consistent with self-governance.  They trust their marked, but sharply circumscribed , cognitive package as their best hope for a safe and flourishing life. Then, they use that assumption to prescribe the life game for us that they believe best fits them. In other words, they ignore the insight of Rawls that before one prescribes, she should draw down the veil of ignorance, forgetting ones own attributes. From the poll results, I would say that their own attributes were uppermost in shaping their answers.

While I agree with several of their views, I personally find their economic and ethical predicates or assumptions disappointing to say the least.

How do you react?


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