Might We Might Be More Persuasive by Recognizing “Latitudes of Acceptance”?

Most of us probably think we persuade others by presenting compelling reasoning that moves a person in the direction of what we believe is a stronger position.

Others may recognize the power of pathos and ethos in moving a person from one belief to a different one.

But what if persuasion is more effective when your knowledge of the other person permits you to suggest how a particular belief or conclusion would be consistent with a social role that the person whom you are trying to persuade would enjoy playing?

We are all comfortable in various roles.  But there are roles that extend beyond the boundaries we each see as acceptable.  If you want to persuade me to go solar, you may have your best shot by pointing out to me that my well-known desire to be a good father would be best fulfilled by going solar.  Something to consider

If you do not make that effort, your attempts at using emotional or rational appeals on me may flounder.

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