Dave Asprey’s “Be Bulletproof” Campaign

Let me preface this by saying that I am highly skeptical of this website. I think anytime we encounter bold marketing claims that were inspired wholly by one individuals’ experience and a few sketchy testimonials, it is only fair to tread lightly. Add a high price tag to whatever is being marketed and skepticism now not only seems fair, but necessary.

In the midst of what is probably junk, potentially credible bits and pieces  may lurk. Consequently, we should not be overly quick to reject things wholesale just because they may be largely worthless.

Dave Asprey broke some ice in my head in terms of how I think about particular foods and the manner in which these foods are prepared. While I continue to remain ambivalent about most of his claims, I think there are some nuggets of truth  within his unorthodox perspective.

For example, I seldom think about salt in terms of its properties as a mineral because of the mainstream consensus that salt is generally bad for our diets. And there is probably good reason for such widespread sentiment to exist because of how prevalent processed foods are in American culture. So, it kind of makes sense to never consider that perhaps consuming small doses of untouched salt might actually have some positive health benefits. However, I think Asprey makes a strong argument for why we might want to consider embracing  this, and other similarly uncommon consideration(s).

I’ve included the URL below.


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