The Audacity of Privilege

Amy Chua’s World on Fire created for me an abiding image of the wealthy, hunkered down behind gated communities and protected by well-armed security forces against the outbreak of democracy. Those prospering from inequality recognize all too well that an energized democracy  would almost surely alter power relationships dramatically.

The film, La Zona, provides a window into (1) the thinking of those in the lavish gated communities (in Mexico, but I see no reason why the setting could not be representative of Los Angeles or Manila) and (2) the substantial hopelessness of the mass of people when their interests are  aligned against those with substantial wealth. Those inside the lavish fortresses know that should they wish to do horrendous acts, anyone attempting to hold them accountable will become a huge target him or herself. ( Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer and Alayne Fleischmann The film is a gut-wrenching reminder of the protective shield provided by wealth and connections.

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