The Justice that Is Hard to Understand

When you enter the multiple museums in Rwanda that display information about and photos of genocide in that country, you immediately notice that Rwandan schoolchildren are expected to visit these museums.  What must they think? Many Catholic churches were used as alleged sanctuaries and then torched once hundreds of frightened Hutu’s had huddled there with a reasonable expectation of safety.  Several pictures are of people, including very young children with hatchet blades wedged in their heads because the surgery to remove them was too life threatening.

The museums teach that it makes no sense to hate not seek revenge in any form. An eye for an eye only increases the flow of violence.  Seems so incredibly sensible,  but at the same time for me it is hard to imagine how one is to erase accountability from our understanding of what should happen to torturers and murderers.

If you are interested in this topic, I urge you to see the film, The Railway Man. The setting is WWII, but the film could not be more contemporary given the Senate Report on CIA Torture.

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