Do you really expect food would be safe in this country?

Barney Frank’s new autobiography Frank is structured around 2 dramatic changes that Frank has observed:

  1. The dramatic increase in toleration of LGBT lifestyles and
  2. The virulent detestation of government as a problem solver.

This post focuses on the 2nd.  Our infrastructure is in shambles.  But what would we expect to be the case when the idea of government as a constructive social force is in large-scale decay?

Wil Hilton’s “A Bug in the System” in the 2-2-15 New Yorker illustrates the danger to public health when we allow firms to self-regulate the production of chicken.  Even when deaths mount into the hundreds from unsafe chicken, the government is relatively powerless to stop the contagion. By all means enjoy a piece of chicken in Europe where governments possess regulatory power that is simply not possible here.

However, in Dallas, Moline, or New Haven you are on your own when you prepare a piece of chicken.  American freedom in this context means you the consumer are at liberty to examine the chicken for deadly salmonella free from any chance that a rapacious government inspector will have acted previously on your behalf to guarantee the safety of the meat.

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