A Dramatic Illustration of the Limits of Liberalism

weapons sales

Two of the core ideas of liberalism are (1) Toleration and (2) the deification of markets as a conflict resolution process. Both ideas are attractive in a particular context.

But seemingly, supporters of any idea feel a need to be wholesale supporters. Hence, they react aggressively to critique of their perspective, as if flaws in an idea translate into relegating the idea in toto to the landfill.

A March 20, 2015 article in Business Insider presents a graphic portrait of the failure of liberalism to appreciate the insights of a diverse set of thinkers—Burke, Etzioni, and Marx–who emphasize the community effects of an idea. The scope and unfettered nature of the market for weapons suggests to me the self-destructive lengths to which supporters of liberalism are willing to support a toleration of unregulated choice in markets that promise annihilation, or at minimum massive devastation to the human community.

Taking a long-run perspective, you look at all of those weapons in all of those areas and draw what rosy scenario for future generations?

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