The Varied Hues of the Political Views of Business Executives

Business and Politics

The political orientation of business executives is correctly assumed to be conservative, when  “conservative” refers to general resistance to regulation of their behavior, regardless of how democratic that regulation might be. For multiple reasons business executives in diverse cultures express  a preference for market solutions to social problems. As the masters of the market domain, we should not be any more surprised by their preferences than we are by the African American embrace of the more egalitarian stances of the Democratic Party in American politics.

However, we should not be surprised to learn that business executives do not all emerge from the same mold. The web site  CROWDPAC has assembled data that gives us a more precise understanding of the range of diversity in the political views of business executives.  In addition, they provide a sense of the effect employment by a particular market sector or firm has on a person’s political leanings.

For those of you with intense political leanings, the data may also affect your shopping preferences. I know that I have never had any doubt about whether I would shop at COSTCO or Sam’s Club, nor whether to get an appliance at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

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