Ignorance is the Measure of Our Knowledge

ignorance-clipart-knowledge-triumphs-over-ignorance-20297515-1 Just as the study of mistakes is a fruitful avenue for enhancing critical thinking competence, our knowledge, and especially its deficiencies, are put under the microscope by heightened awareness of our ignorance, its many causes, and the extent of its inevitability.A circumspect viewing of our ignorance promises at least a modicum of success in knowing what we know not. But above all, our ignorance should provide an eternal whisper forestalling the sound and feel of certainty: “Are you sure?” The opening essay of Wendell Berry’s The Way of Ignorance is both beautifully written and skillfully argued.

Our ignorance ultimately is irremediable… Do what we will, we are never going to be free of mortality, partiality, fallibility, and error.


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