If You Ever Need A Graphic Illustration of the Military Industrial Complex


Military Industrial Complex


I am sure you all know that the United States spends more on defense than the cumulative expenditures  on defense by the next 9 largest spending countries. And one political party has all but one of its 20 or so candidates for the Presidency bellowing for even higher levels of military preparedness.  In fairness, contemporary spending levels demand that the flag visual should have a companion flag with doctors, big Pharm, and hospitals substituting for the stars.But there is huge sentiment for cutting, not expanding, the cost of health care.

Opposition to waste is a clever cover for opposing expenditures one wishes to gut. So waste in the food stamp program is a favorite talking point for those who lack the courage to say what they really believe: “You don’t have food because you do not deserve to have food.”

But if a person wishes to see “waste” in an especially egregious form that one would think everyone would oppose, except for those gorging on the profits from the waste, take a look at a recent small essay about military bases in Iraq.  The next time I hear mention of government waste, I hope I remember to say “Do you mean the 506 military bases in Iraq?”

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