After Death?


Most of us wonder what happens after death? We may wonder as much as we wish.  Where will that wonder take us? The answer depends on the extent to which we insist on answering the question in the face of a huge impediment—-We not only do not know the answer, but the “pile” of evidence available to answer that question is and will remain  a chimera. As much as any “unanswerable”  may be an affront to our hubris, such questions laugh uproariously at our ineptitude.

To appreciate the enormous diversity of beliefs about what happens after death, you might enjoy reading Nicholas Wright’s What Happens after Death? , a succinct compilation of views emanating from religions, assorted cultures, materialists, and even scientists. Indeed the most fascinating inclusion to me was the author’s endeavor to indicate the answer to the question: “How does quantum theory answer this question?”

I find the speculations strong evidence for the human drive to believe, to believe all day long.  Evidence is nice, if available. However, it is not in any way a requirement for belief. The play Book of Mormon  contains a lyric “Mormons Just Believe.” Let’s be fair. “Humans Just Believe.”

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