I Cannot Believe What I Do Not Encounter



Information and contrary perspectives affect our policy and political views only to the extent that those inputs are channeled to us.  None of us has the time nor capability to gather and process the raw material needed for democratic citizenship.

So, we depend on “providers.”  Anyone providing information and viewpoints to us will be selective when doing so. When Bernie sanders describes our country as a corporate oligarchy, and the Clinton/Obama camp says they prefer “different language”thing important is happening. One camp has made its peace with a political landscape dominated by corporations and rich individuals; the other is trying to resist.

Corporate dominance of information flow creates of necessity a stunted democracy, one in which even reflective voters are functioning with thickly smudged eyeglasses. But there are alternative sources of valuable information that can teach us what we otherwise would never be told.  Documentaries, for example, can enrich our understanding in effective ways. But this post is stimulated by my appreciation for one information source that I find especially useful when trying to escape the limitations of corporate media with its shrill Pro/Con formats and the stultifying pressures to earn profits.

Please see whether you value Democracy Now as much as I do.

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