Wisdom Stimuli


Sometimes I think my major learning problem is deciding how to allocate my time AMONG stimulating sources.  Then I regularly encounter more sources that I cannot believe I had missed.  In other words, I probably know only a small subset of the wisdom stimuli that I would profit from studying.

You probably share my enjoyable frustration.

Here are 2 valuable BBC sites I recently stumbled on. I hope you enjoy them.

A History of Ideas Click on “Episodes” to see the 72 thinkers and ideas discussed.  Don’t overlook the complementary videos narrated by Gillian Anderson.

The Global Philosopher  This series is new; only 2 episodes have been released so far. Michael Sandel leads discussions about important questions. I particularly enjoyed the first one: “Should Borders Matter?” because I have often thought about Donald Trump’s famously saying “When there are no borders, there is no country.”  At minimum, I think we can say “As we traditionally understand the concept of ‘country’, porous borders run a strong risk of destroying a country as it has been traditionally understood.”

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