I Can’t Remember What I Wanted to Call This Post


We wonder: who am I when my memories seem so much less robust and accurate than I wish them to be. For those of you who are intrigued by memories we lose, memories we create, and the momories we believe we still possess, I urge you to take a close look at Daniel Schacter’s The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Brain Forgets and Remembers . 

We tend to expect things from our memory that memory cannot yield.  At the same time, some dimensions of memory are remarkable in their utility and persistence. Schacter assists us in avoiding assumtions about the unshakeable prowess of our memories and makes us more aware of what we can do to combat some memory failures.

One thing I learned is that the avenues to strengthening memory are so difficult to maintain that only the brave and persistent need to attemppt them. BUT, our best hope resides in writing—-writing notes to jog the mind and writing notes to implant in our minds the treasures we wish to retain.

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