Trump Grabs Women Because He Can; We Have Black Ops Because We Can


Sovereignty of the individual or nations is unfortunately seen by the dominant in our midst as a right possessed only by winners.  Surely, those who seized North America from native peoples were seemingly untroubled by such niceties as sovereignty.

Many things that I learn are things I would prefer were not true. For instance the film Dirty Wars documents the broad scope of secret military actions by American Special Forces around the globe. We have all seen the films about Black Ops and even read about results of a few missions when they were revealed to fulfill a public elations purpose. But for me the extent and effects of these secret activities had been well-hidden.  I get the sense that almost any exertion of power can be legitimized by simply muttering “national security” as if security is a meta-value  trumping alternative ways of thinking about the strength of a nation.

Then I thought about Bill Clinton’s explanation of why he had an affair with a White House intern—“Because I could”, and I felt naive. Of course, the United States would do such a thing just as surely as the Russians were confidant that they could interfere in the American Presidential election with no fear of retaliation.  Then I reminded myself about Trump’s open declaration that he could grab women wherever he wished because he is famous, and the brazen justification by him and his senior staff of regulalry lying to voters on the grounds that “I won.”

SO enjoy the film if you can, but beware the fruits of  transparency because in a dominant country secrecy may hide the unconfortable realization that leaders of powerful countries can exhibit the moral compass of a worm.

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